In late 2010, I began working with a client on a number of online marketing initiatives. My initial focus was centered on their Search Marketing efforts. For this client, a “conversion or goal completion” required a site visitor to complete an online form for more information, essentially generating a sales lead. The value of each new lead for this client is substantial. In our first 2 months of doing business together, we improved this client’s Goal Conversion Rate for Search Marketing visitors by more than 250%.  Today it costs them about 1/3 of what they used to spend to generate a lead.

I’ve been working with this client for more than a year now and their business is booming. The small improvements we make on a daily basis, in many different areas of their business, result in substantial improvements over time. These include operational improvements. For example, this client manually addressed all sales leads that came through their site. By automating their lead response system and creating rules for different scenarios, they are now able to handle three times the number of sales leads with less effort and fewer headaches.

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