Klein New Media is excited to reveal the new Regenexx website. The site represents what is now an international brand and network of the most sophisticated musculoskeletal experts in the field of interventional orthopedics and regenerative medicine.

We were tasked in the middle of last year to do a refresh on the Regenexx brand, which started with a logo redesign and advanced into a complete overhaul of the brand to better convey the premium brand that Regenexx has become. As world leaders in orthopedic stem cell procedures and research in a rapidly growing field, it was important to set Regenexx apart from the competition in a big way.

The result is a website that inspires visitors more than any medical website we’ve visited before and encourages visitors to take action in overcoming their conditions to return to activity.

This is just the next step in the evolution of the Regenexx Network. We’re proud to work with this client on a daily basis, improving marketing, conversion measurement, and network growth, as well as the success of individual Regenexx clinics nationwide and around the world.


Logo Modernized


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