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Klein New Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in regenerative medicine marketing and other medical specialties.
We design and implement digital marketing solutions that deliver results.

Klein New Media Digital Marketing Agency

Your digital marketing strategy has never been more important than it is today. We help regenerative medicine leaders compete and win.

Online searches and research relating to medical conditions, specific treatments, and alternative treatments have exploded in recent years. Your potential patients are seeking solutions, and it’s important to get in front of them early in their journey and stay top of mind once they have found you.

Our Target DNA marketing system leverages years of experience and millions of dollars of advertising in the regenerative medicine vertical. When you partner with Klein New Media, you will benefit from the same systems and proven marketing strategies that we used to grow a popular national regenerative network from a single clinic in 2010 to forty clinics nationally and internationally in 2017.

Target DNA marketing packages include professional advertising, lead generation, marketing and workflow automation, metrics reporting, and more, for an affordable monthly fee.

We have solutions designed for doctors and clinics with a wide range of business needs and marketing budgets, from a single doctor clinic to large organizations.

Throughout the years, we have proudly worked with some of the world’s largest companies, industry leaders, national & international healthcare networks & clinics, social media influencers, top software companies and more.


Today, we specialize in marketing regenerative orthopedics and other medical services. And as of January 1, 2018, we’re no longer working exclusively with the regenerative network we built. We’re actively seeking to expand our agency client list of reputable doctors in the fields of regenerative orthobiologic treatments, as well as other focused medical specialties.

Proven Regenerative Medicine Practice Results

Work with the Marketing Leader in Regenerative Orthopedics

For nearly a decade, we worked exclusively to build the digital strategy and presence of the world’s most successful and digitally prominent regenerative medicine network for orthopedic conditions. During that time, Klein New Media helped dozens of forward-thinking doctors on the leading edge of regenerative medicine, build profitable practices by generating problem/solution awareness and delivering a steady stream of qualified leads to fuel their success. We've managed millions of dollars in regenerative treatment advertising and have systematized many of the processes with marketing automation and internal lead management. Today, we offer similar solutions that allow doctors and their clinics to compete in highly competitive environments.

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Is Someone "On-the-Job Training" With Your Company's Marketing Budget?

Today's ad platforms have been made so easy to use that anyone can create an ad in minutes and be off to the races. But as the saying goes, "you don't know what you don't know".  And that can be expensive. We provide professional advertising management and creative, backed by years of knowledge and experience in the space. We have a passion for great marketing and new marketing technologies and channels. We reinvest a lot of our own money and time back into our systems to ensure the best outcomes of our marketing efforts and to provide as much value as possible for our clients.

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Ready to Take the First Step?

We’re pretty selective about the regenerative medicine practices who we work with and we have a few qualifier questions that can help quickly determine whether you and your practice are a fit to work with Klein New Media at this time. It’s a simple form that takes just a few minutes to complete and gives us a few key pieces of information before we take the next step of setting up a call with you.

Please contact us to request the application. There is no cost involved.

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