About us

Klein New Media

Klein New Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in healthcare, medical services, technologies, and solutions. Our client list is comprised of medical centers, healthcare companies, doctors, and biotech companies.

Boulder, Colorado is our official home, but our team and our clients are worldwide!

Klein New Media is focused on helping businesses develop, implement and manage digital marketing strategies that deliver results.

Throughout the years, we have proudly worked with some of the world’s largest companies, industry leaders, national & international healthcare networks & clinics, social media influencers, top software companies and more. We have been featured in Adobe Create Magazine and have created content for Adobe’s largest creative conference, Adobe MAX.

Today, we are focused on helping innovative companies in medical, healthcare, and biotech.

A simple approach to pricing, without long agreements or hidden costs.

Klein New Media’s monthly marketing subscriptions provide businesses with an affordable, professionally-managed marketing and lead generation solution. For projects and services that are not required on a regular basis, we offer complete agency services to our marketing subscription clients at a significantly discounted hourly rate.

Our marketing subscriptions cover the marketing and advertising services that we manage for you every month, without taking a percentage of your ad spend. Your subscription includes premium WordPress web hosting,  maintenance, lead tracking, reporting and more. This monthly service provides remarkable value for the experience, professional services, working relationship, and attention to your business that we provide, allowing many of our clients to completely avoid any in-house costs for marketing.

Our agreements are simple. They outline the expectations, costs, and scope of our solution, and allow you to end the agreement at any time with 30-days notice. We don’t believe in penalizing businesses who are not finding value in our services, or who have operational challenges that require a change to their agreement. Our objective is to provide you with a marketing resource that produces results and allows you to focus on what you do best.

Our team

Dave Klein - Klein New Media

Dave Klein

Digital Marketing Strategist / Founder

Josh Van Wynen

Lead Web Developer

Mindy Neal

Customer Success / Social Media Specialist / Goddess

Tim Klein

Customer Success / Developer / Web Development