What we do

Online searches and research have exploded in recent years. Your target audience is seeking solutions, and it’s important to get in front of them early in their journey and stay top of mind once they have found you.

Our marketing systems leverage years of experience and millions of dollars of advertising. When you partner with Klein New Media, you benefit from working with an agile team of digital specialists.

Marketing Strategy

We’ll develop a strategy and budget that is designed to achieve your business goals and enhance your brand.

We implement proven digital marketing strategies and solutions tailored for your unique situation and optimized for your monthly budget to ensure you maintain a competitive advantage.

Digital Foundation

We create and manage a strong digital foundation and online presence.

This includes all of your online properties and listings. The sites we build utilize WordPress and mobile-first optimization to ensure a great user experience and to maximize your search optimization opportunities.


We help you get discovered online, in the right places and at the right time.

Our advertising packages fit in with any budget and are designed to get you in front of your target prospects. We’ll help you build your database of interested people and then nurture them into paying customers

Lead Generation

What if you could log into a system each day and have new leads that are interested in what you offer?

You can. We are specialists in lead generation and marketing automation. We’ll attract new prospects from your target audience and help you convert them into customers.

Conversion & Loyalty

We focus on the entire customer journey, turning prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

We’ll help you gain improvements in customer engagement, conversion rates, and retention. We focus on the lifetime value of customers, with frequent touchpoints to keep them engaged with your brand.

KPI Reporting

Visualize the key marketing and performance indicators specific to your business goals.

Since we spend most of our time in the digital marketing world where nearly everything is measurable, you’ll see where all of your leads came from and the key metrics relating to your business success, in a single dashboard and monthly report.