A Straight-Forward Approach to Pricing

Our marketing packages offer a truly remarkable value for the experience, professional services, working relationship and attention to your business that we provide. We’re able to provide our services at a reasonable cost thanks to a systematic approach towards everything that we do within our marketing packages. Our pricing for regenerative and medical marketing is a monthly fee that is based on one of three packages that are available to best meet your needs.

We offer complementary agency services that allow our clients to have access to other marketing and design services, covering the majority of their marketing related needs. For these projects and tasks, we bill an hourly rate. This way, you always know what to expect when projects fall outside of the scope of your regular monthly marketing plan.

  • Hourly Rates 100% 100%
  • Marketing Package Rates 75% 75%

About Our Digital Marketing Subscriptions:

Unlike a lot of agencies, there is no risk involved in partnering with us as your marketing solution.

We have seen some pretty sad outcomes from companies who have engaged with digital marketing “specialists” who fail to deliver. The contracts are ridiculous, and they often demand big fees to get out of an agreement. Our subscription agreements are simple agreements that outline the expectations, costs, and scope of our solution, and allow you to end the agreement at any time with 30 days notice. We don’t believe in penalizing businesses who are not finding value in our services, or who have operational changes that require a change in their agreement.

Klein New Media’s marketing subscriptions provide clinics with an affordable, professionally-managed marketing and lead generation solution. This monthly service leverages years of experience and is modeled after the same systems and proven marketing strategies that we used to grow a medical network from a single clinic in 2010 to more than forty clinics nationally and internationally.

Your monthly costs will be dependent upon your advertising budget, which will likely be variable over time and may even be seasonal. We will work with you to determine a budget based on your unique situation.

Our objective is to provide you with a marketing resource that produces results and allows you to focus on what you do best, but with the ability to check in on your results via a live dashboard and a monthly review and consulting phone call.

Free Educational Seminars

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