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Stop Fighting Search Optimization Battles and Win the War

We like winning as much as anyone. Seeing quantifiable results come in after a concerted marketing effort is rewarding. Such is often the case with traditional SEO initiatives. You hire a reputable “expert” to improve your page rankings, and if they are halfway decent at their jobs they will deploy some time-tested SEO tactics and come back to you with results. The numbers move in the right direction, your marketing firm gets paid and you get the rewarding feeling of having a business with an optimized Web presence. The search battle is won!

But we have to ask…What exactly is your business now optimized for?

If we had to guess, you probably have some much larger goals than just showing up at the top of a search list. Successful businesses have a marketing strategy that helps define the entire landscape of their competitive marketplace. This overarching strategic “war plan” helps drive decision-making through all of the smaller tactical battles you engage in to further the success of your business. And herein lies the key point we want to make – SEO tactics will have little meaning for your business if those tactics do not fit into your larger strategy.

Turning SEO on its head to get meaningful results for your business

Most SEO marketing consultants can move your business’ leading indicators on the Web, sometimes with amazing efficacy. If you’re looking for maximum results in the area of links, rankings, page ranks, depth, or other SEO metrics, you can get them through black or gray hat tactics. But those tactics may be at complete odds with your company’s brand, and there’s a good chance you’ll probably do more harm than good (just do a web search on J.C. Penny black hat SEO to witness the damage that can be done). Even reputable SEO marketing takes such a narrow view of “success” that you may see needles moving on Web metrics while your more important key business indicators remain static. It’s those tactical blinders that can have you focused on (and maybe paying good money for) winning the wrong battles while losing the bigger war.

KIein New Media takes a different approach to your SEO marketing. We first identify your Key Performance Indicators and THEN we develop the SEO plan that will feed those search improvements into your larger plan. We put additional focus on the important metrics like transaction value, conversions, retention, and other industry or company-specific data, and put your SEO efforts to work satisfying those critical business needs. We also spend time getting to know your unique marketing performance indicators so that we can make that connection between SEO results and your marketing plan. Sure, it’s great to have a high search ranking, but it’s the visits, the brand mentions, the social media and pre-conversion activities that will lead to the real value within your business.

So step back and think for a moment… Are you looking to win a few battles, or is it the war that you’re after? There are a lot of marketing consultants out there that can score you some SEO points. Klein New Media can help your business get the victory.